What Is It?

Dermaplanning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells & vellous hair using a butter blade.
It is highly effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & acne scars, while leaving the skin smooth, supple & vibrant!

Express Facial


Luxury Facial

Includes Shoulder, Neck & Head Massage


Needle-free Mesotheraphy Facial

What Is It?

Needle free mesotheraphy facial is a treatment that completely avoids any injections.Serum is applied directly onto the face, it is quickly absorbed & mestotheraphy machine is used. Helping rejuvenate the skin,boosting radiance & luminosity minimising fine lines & winkles.

Needle free Mesotheraphy facial

Includes destressing shoulder neck face & head massage.



Why Spray tan?

Perfect if you’re prepping for an event and haven’t dared to get your legs out for a while, a spray tan is designed to temporarily deepen your skin tone, evenly covering your body in a tanning mist that quickly absorbs into your skin leaving you with a healthy bronzed glow from head to toe.

Half body


Full body


Electrolysis Hair Removal

What Is It?

Electrolysis hair removal is the most effective method of permanently removing hair from the face or the body. A very fine disposable probe is inserted into each individual hair follicle and energy is released to shrink and completely remove each hair from the root. Suitable for all skin & hair colours and type.

5 Minutes


10 Minutes


15 Minutes


30 Minutes


Block Bookings

6 x 5 Minutes


6 x 10 Minutes


6 x 15 Minutes


Capillary treatments

Red vein removal
(face only)


White head removal


Skin tags



Why Choose Waxing?

Waxing pulls the hair out from its root so it has to completely re-grow, giving you weeks of that smooth silky feeling. Many waxing clients report that after regular waxing, hair begins to grow back thinner and sometimes lighter!

Full leg & standard bikini


Full leg & Brazilian


Full leg & Hollywood


Half leg & bikini (standard)


Half leg & Brazilian


Half leg & Hollywood


Half leg wax


3/4 leg wax


3/4 leg wax & bikini


Bikini (standard)


Hollywood (all off)


Brazilian (strip left)






Full arm


Eyebrow wax


Lip wax


Chin wax


Face (sides)


Lashes & Brows

*A patch test is required 24 hours before treatments*

Eyelash tint


Eyebrow tint & wax


Eyebrow tint


Lash lift & tint


Express eyelashes

can last up to 2weeks (removal included)


Russian lashes


Infills on express lashes


Individual eyelashes


Strip lashes


Bio-sculpture nails

Clear everlasting polish


Coloured everlasting polish


French everlasting polish


Clear everlasting polish on toes


Coloured everlasting polish on toes


French everlasting polish on toes


Single nail repair

(after 2 weeks)​



What's the occasion?

We offer makeup treatments for weddings, parties, photoshoots, proms or any other occasion where you want to look and feel fabulous.
Before your event, our makeup experts will discuss with you in detail your desired look.
Our aim is to leave you feeling beautiful, calm and confident.

Make-up application


Mani / Pedi's

Mini pedicure

( your choice of what the feet need )


File & paint on toes


Pedicure with heated boots


Deluxe pedicure with paraffin wax


Shape & polish on hands


Manicure with heated mitts


French polish


Deluxe manicure


Hand & arm treatment


Nail Art


(per nail)

Nail Stickers


(per nail)

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

What Is Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

Whiter teeth help us to face the world with a confident smile, radiating good health and youthful energy. These days, we all want a smile that looks clean and fresh. A smile to reflect the pride we take in our own well-being. Here at BT4 Beauty, we use a non peroxide gel along with a gum shield to give you fantastic results!



2 People




Comfort Zone

Go on...Treat Yourself!

Enjoy the perfect combination of innovative state of the art science-based conscious formulas rich in natural origin ingredients and free from silicones,paragons & animal derivatives,with our unique signature application techniques and massages

Express facial - Flash beauty touch

In a rush but need a special touch? Ask for our support in selecting an express facial that can fit your tight schedule or that can be combined with a body treatment.


Signature Facial - The joy of beauty

Treat your skin to the care it deserves!A bespoke power-packed facial designed especially for your skins needs whether it be age protection,hydration,purification or smoothing.


Age Correction-Sublime skin

Give your skin the boost of radiance & plumpness that it needs with an innovative double peel followed by a lifting mask for immediate rejuvenation.The Active Massage,inspired by kobido techniques,softens wrinkles & invigorates skin tone.

Double Peel £37

Double Peel & Lift £50

Repair - Recover Touch

Nurture your skin & recover the damage caused by sun,pollution & ageing.The antioxidant,replenishing combination of organic Goji Berry & Macadamia oil leaves the skin soft & replenished.


Double Hydration - Hydramemory

The ultimate treatment for deep hydration & radiance ideal for the skin stressed by central heating & air conditioning. The hydraBrush Massage transports the precious Moringa oil & the Hyaluronic Acid biomimetic fragments deep into the skin.


Purification - Active Pureness

If your skin is oily,scarred or acne-prone,this is the perfect choice characterised by a mattifying peel-off spirulina Algae Mask,this deep purifying facial with Mandelic Acid,green & white clay rebalances & reduces pores & blackheads.


Sensitivity - Remedy

An innovative fortifying approach to sensitive,delicate skin with a prebiotic from sugar beets,promoting cutaneous resilience,&Marula oil,this facial calms skin discomfort,relieves neuroinflammation & reinforces the skins defence.


Eye - Add ons

Triple action against dark circles,puffiness & wrinkles providing immediate lifting & luminosity


Microdermabrasion facial

This facial gives the skin a great lift,it helps improve the elastin & collagen formation ,also great for acne & acne scarring, skin pigmentation & blemishes.

Express £37

Luxury £55

Course of 3 express £70

Pamper Packages

Mother & daughter time

Express facial (with head or shoulder massage) hand & arm treatment & light makeup applied.


Unwind Massage

Express facial & de-stressing back shoulder neck & head


Bon voyage

Half leg & bikini wax,eyebrow wax,underarm wax & pedicure.


Just heaven

Luxury facial,back massage & pedicure.


Holistic Treatments

Hopi ear candling 45 mins

This is used to relieve primarily conditions of the ear,throat & nose. It help ear wax , hay fever ,tension headaches and much more. This treatment includes mini facial or head massage.


Reflexology 60 mins

reflexology is a relaxing treatment suitable for all ages & may bring relief from a wide range of acute & chronic conditions. This treatment is a must for anyone needing to unwind,destress & relax.


Indian head massage

Helps to unknot blockages & relieves tension.


Pregnancy Massage

A de-stressing & therapeutic neck, back, head & shoulder massage tailored to suit your needs.


Hot stone massage

The warm stones enhances the relaxing effects of the massage,a more profound experience than your basic massage.


Body scrub

A warm self heating scrub is used over the skin to get rid of any dead skin cells. Finishing off with a warm intense moisture treatment to leave the skin feeling like silk.

Full body £40

Half body £25

Tranquility pro sleep massage

inspired by the Indonesian sea Malay massage, this ritual acts in synergy with our tranquility sound & essential oil blend to effectively induce a state of deep rest. ideal for a jet lag recovery, & to help promote better sleep. Such a relaxing treatment.

Full body £50

Back £37